Payment Policy

From the 4th of May 2024

1. The following “Payment Policy” governs your use and functionality of trading services including buying and selling on and subdomains.
2. NotesBytes will be referred to as “NotesBytes”, “we” or “us” in this Terms of Services and “you” or “user” will refer to you, the user of the services, agreeing to this document.
3. You may need to refer to the Terms of Service since this is agreed alongside them.

4. You may pay for Notes on NotesBytes, only via Debit or Credit Card (currently in only Pound Sterling / GBP) - this means that all Visa™, Mastercard™ and American Express™ cards will usually work.

5. We do not offer refunds however if the note violates our Terms of Services, please contact us quoting your invoice number to [email protected] within 3 days of purchase.
6. If you do not receive the invoice but the card payment / top up debit went through, please email us at [email protected] immediately. Please check spam folders first however.
7. The minimum note price for all paid notes is GBP 3.00 and the maximum is GBP 50.00. Please note if your account credit may only partially cover the bill, we will charge you the rest. If however the outstanding charge is under GBP 0.30, we will charge GBP 0.30 and credit your account due to limitations.

8. We can withdraw money from your available balance to your UK bank account, denoted in pound sterling (GBP) with a minimum withdrawal of GBP 1.00 and the maximum is GBP 500.00, this currently is fee-free, but will only be permitted if we have the correct information about you.
9. Payouts may only be paid out at least 14 days after a transaction has been made, with our fees being deducted automatically.
10. You as a seller are responsible for telling us your up-to-date bank account details, and confirming whether or not they are true. Should they be invalid and a payment be sent to the wrong account, we are not liable for any losses. You may be able to contact us via [email protected] and we can attempt to recover any funds. If they are recovered, you may be liable for up to 15% of the payout as administration fees.

Card Payments
11. All card statements will either say the payment was taken from “READYFILE*NOTESBYTES”, “READYFILE” or “NOTESBYTES”.
12. We have outlined this in Privacy Policy however our payment processor, Stripe, will process and store all card numbers, expiry dates, CVC and postal codes. We do not have access to any identifying data, and we will not process it.