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Passive Income

With NotesBytes, you can earn passive income with ease (income you can earn whilst doing nothing, even whilst you sleep!).
We don't even charge a fixed fee for using our platform. You can just upload the notes and wait for the money to come in, without having to pay any monthly charges.
Our charges are significantly lower compared to our competitors. We only charge* a commission of 25% on sales revenue.


With NotesBytes, you retain all copyright ownership of your resources, unlike some of our competitors!
This means you can do anything within your rights with your notes, including continue to make copyright claims from anyone plagarising your works and making royalties elsewhere.
Please however note that you must not plagarise any parts of your notes without getting approval and citing your sources.

You can sell:

Revision Notes


Audio Notes

*We may charge fees such as withdrawal fees on some withdrawal methods. This fee will be advertised and will be of a reasonable amount. We do not however charge any hidden fees such as micro-transaction fees.
Please note that you as a seller will be completely liable for any copyright issues, as highlighted in our Terms of Service and Copyright Policy