Terms of Service

From the 4th of May 2024

1. The following "Terms of Service" governs your use and functionality of trading services including buying, selling and earning commission from advertising on notesbytes.com and subdomains.
2. NotesBytes will be referred to as “NotesBytes”, “we” or “us” in this Terms of Services and “you” or “user” will refer to you, the user of the services, agreeing to this document.
3. NotesBytes is a trading name of Readyfile Ltd, registered in England and Wales, № 15186469. Registered office: 7 Irk Vale Drive, Manchester, OL1 2TW.

4. You will be required to agree to these Terms of Services when creating an account. We additionally hold all rights to change these at any time without notice.
5. By agreeing to these Terms of Services, you additionally agree to the Payment Policy, Copyright Policy and the Privacy Policy.
6. If you have any queries, please email [email protected] or any email address which applies to your query / statement listed here.
7. When agreeing to this, you agree that you are 13 years of age or older.

Key Terms
--> a. "Buyers" are users who purchase notes from the sellers;
--> b. "Notes" are the products sold by the seller;
--> c. "Sellers" are users who offer notes to buyer;
--> d. “Advertisers” are users who share discount codes and earn a commission from us for advertising notes. They earn a fixed commission from the revenue earned.

9. Only users with an account may act as sellers and/or advertisers on NotesBytes. In registration, you agree that you provide accurate data such as email addresses.
10. You are liable for any content you generate and upload on NotesBytes and we are not responsible. Copyright rules for instance are outlined in the Copyright Policy.
11. Paid notes set by sellers must be set at a minimum price of GBP 3.00 however a maximum of GBP 50.00. Free notes however must be set at GBP 0.00.
12. Sellers pay a platform commission of 25 %. This commission is after any discounts applied to the customer; however, we will pay the commission to advertisers from the commission we collect from you, and will not charge that commission to you.
13. Sellers and advertisers may retrieve their funds after a clearance period of 14 days. This may be via bank transfer to a UK bank account denoted in GBP.
14. Refunds are not applicable in most circumstances, however there are some exceptions as outlined in the Payment Policy.
15. Sellers retain all copyright ownership of notes and by uploading, they give permission for NotesBytes to use it commercially, paying money per sale made at NotesBytes back to the seller and giving permission to buyers to view.

16. Sellers must adhere to the Copyright Policy alongside the Payment Policy.
17. Sellers must provide their bank statement before selling their first note, in order for NotesBytes to know their name, contact details and bank account details, as financial transactions are facilitated on the NotesBytes platform.
18. At the end of each month at least one sale has been made, NotesBytes will provide sellers with an invoice for any platform fees deducted, alongside a list of the transactions that have been made.
19. Sellers must pay direct or indirect taxes such as GST, VAT and/or income taxes under their jurisdiction. We will not be responsible for any income taxes owed by sellers.
20. Notes may be removed and sellers may be suspended if they violate the following / post the following materials:
--> a. Copyrighted and Trademark Infringements (as outlined in the Copyright Policy where third parties may claim violations). If legally required, we will pass on contact details;
--> b. Low quality notes (we refund buyers if it has been under 7 days of purchase and they inform us via [email protected]);
--> c. Misleading notes (such as false information, incorrect subjects etc);
--> d. Requiring buyers to refer to other notes which aren't freely / easily available to view (bibliographies are permitted and this rule does not apply to free notes);
--> e. Include watermarks (you may however write your creator name / email / website on each page as long as it does not obstruct content - rule does not apply to free notes);
--> f. Any content deemed inappropriate or irrelevant.
21. Users may also be removed under the discretion of NotesBytes.
22. Sellers must provide NotesBytes in advance of the following information, prior to selling any notes, which will be verified by a copy of a bank statement, in order to process all payouts and invoices:
--> a. UK Sort Code and Bank Account number;
--> b. Full legal name;
--> c. Address.

23. Buyers must only pay via the NotesBytes platform using a debit or credit card (refer to the Payment Policy for more information). Buyers do not require an account to purchase notes.
24. An invoice will not be issued to buyers.
25. Paid notes will be sent to the buyer via email, alongside information on how much has been paid.
26. Buyers are not entitled to a refund unless the notes contain insufficient material, under those circumstances you must email us at [email protected] within 7 days of purchase quoting the transaction number. All items regarding refunds are outlined within the Payment Policy.

Reporting Violations
27. You may report violations by Contacting Us - you may use the following emails:
--> a. [email protected] for any copyright and trademark violations in seller's notes;
--> b. [email protected] for anything else such as misleading notes, misleading reviews, inadequate notes or more.

User Generated Content
28. User generated content refers to content added by users such as notes. These are not content created by us such as our designs. NotesBytes does not check user uploaded content for violations unless it comes to our knowledge from reported violations / disputes / infringements notified via [email protected].
29. When uploading content to NotesBytes, the user agrees that:
--> a. They represent / warrant / own the material fully;
--> b. They own all appropriate licences, consents and permissions from original owners for commercial use (paid notes only) and distribution (all notes);
--> c. The material does not violate any intellectual property or rights of a third party;
--> d. The content does not violate any applicable laws (local, national and international) regulations.
30. NotesBytes is not responsible for any User Generated Content however the user who uploaded the content is fully responsible.
31. Everyone is invited to report violations by Contacting Us with some sort of evidence and owners of original content may email us via [email protected] with proof of ownership of such content.
32. More information is outlined in the Copyright Policy

Disclaimers and Liabilities
33. Any content uploaded by you is done at your own risk.
34. NotesBytes will not be liable for any user-generated content. The user generating the content will be.